AFK Arena New Hero: Fane

There is a new Hero on AFK Arena. His name is Fane.You can find out how to get this hero in this blog post.

Information about Fane:
Fane is a Graveborn Hero and can become up to level 240. The combat ability is 47,382 at level 240 (384K). Fane has powerful forces and kill your enemy in the game much faster.

afk arena fane
How to get Fane:
You can easily get Fane on AFK Arena through The Noble Tavern. You can use Hearts, Diamonds, Common Hero Scroll or Faction Scroll to get new Heroes. Go to The Noble Tavern in the game and choose one of the options to reveal Heroes. Important: Don't forget to add Fane to the Wishlist. This way you can increase the chance that you will get this Hero.

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