Ezizh: The New Hero | AFK Arena

Ezizh has joined as a new Hero on AFK Arena. we will show you how to test this Hero for 3 days.

AKF Arena releases a new Hero in the game. His name is Ezizh and he is classified as Ascended Tier Heroes. This Hero is known as the Lord of Nightmares and belongs to the Evil Heros. 

His combat ability in the game is 54,548 / 422K. His skills are Nigthmare's Descent, Mind Flay, Depths of Darkness, and Nightmare Arc.

How you can get Ezizh 3 days for free:
To do this, click on "Events" on the left side of Ranhorn in the game. After that you will see 3 options at the bottom, there you can choose Trials and then use Ezizh as Hero for 3 days for free. Once you get him, you don't have to level him up, because he will be added to your Heroes with a high level. After these 3 days, Ezizh will be removed automatically.

You can also get Ezizh on AFK Arena through The Noble Tavern. You can use Hearts, Diamonds, Common Hero Scroll, or Faction Scroll to get new Heroes. Go to The Noble Tavern in the game and choose one of the options to reveal Heroes.

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