How you can create a clan/guild

In this article we will show you how to create a guild on AFK Arena. It's super easy and ready in 3 minutes.

First open the game, then click on Guild, so click on the gray tower at the top. Then click on "create Guild", now you can choose the logo of your guild, the higher your level is, then more logos will be available to you. Choose a guild name and write it in the blank line. To create the guild you need 500 diamonds.

Why would you create a guild? (Benefits)
You get many rewards like diamonds, gold, scrolls etc.Also, you will have many more tasks to complete, which will help you increase your level. Special battles are also unlocked with the help of a clan. You can advance much faster in a short time.

How to get new members in my guild?
You can promote your guild in the Global Chat. Write a nice text and convince other players in the game to join your guild. Of course you can also write to the players privately and ask if they would like to join your clan. But make sure that you only ask people who are not in a guild. Players who are in a guild anyway, will most likely not come.
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